Eclipse Corporate Development assists start-up, rapidly growing, crises-plagued, and turnaround companies successfully move to the next level in their development.  Our cost-effective, ethics-focused services benefit client companies in the western United States.  


Eclipse clients – as well as financial and legal service stakeholders and bankruptcy courts – benefit from professional management services and education programs. 

Services include:

  • Corporate management system design and restructuring,
  • Financial and operations performance improvement, and
  • Executive, management and staff instruction, coaching and mentoring.

The ultimate goal of these services is to reverse poor corporate performance to increase owners’ equity for client companies and their stakeholders.

When specialty expertise is required, Eclipse teams with noted professionals to develop and implement solutions tailored to a company’s specific needs.

Service Offerings -- How Can Eclipse Help Your Company?

Corporate Development
Rapidly growing companies are often preoccupied with daily operations.  As a result, they are either unaware or they miss opportunities ... (more)

Turnaround Services
The root causes of corporate troubles are often changing market conditions and a general lack of business management fundamentals and disciplines in corporate management.  Problems manifested by cash flow difficulties often lead executives to think the solution is ... (more)


Performance Improvement
Performance improvement starts with the premise that an organization should be

  • Making its numbers and
  • Running the business without surprises... (more)

  • Bankruptcy Services
    The purpose behind Chapter 11 is to maximize the amount of money ultimately repaid to the creditors and to allow the debtor to emerge from bankruptcy as a revitalized entity, which generates ... (more)



    Corporate Financial
    The needs for new financial programs are frequently required during the final stages of Eclipse’s strategic and financial design process.  Our services include: ... (more)


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