The turnaround process requires an outside prospective to realistically assess problems resulting in the design of balanced and unbiased approach. For example, Eclipse often finds that the root cause of corporate troubles are often changing market conditions compounded by a lost focus on business management fundamentals and disciplines.

With its focus on resolving the root causes of organizational management problems, Eclipse helps executives avoid common misconceptions and missteps, such as: the solution to cash flow difficulties is simply more cash.

In this case, by addressing the root cause of cash flow problems, the actual solution lies in quickly achieving operational and financial efficiencies, then acquiring appropriate capital resources, if really needed.

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Key principles applied during Eclipse’s engagements include the following.

  • Eclipse uses the traditional financial definition of efficiency, that is: achieve the organization’s objectives with least cost, effort or risk.
  • To achieve efficiency Eclipse focuses the company management team on the prime directive of finance, i.e., increase the wealth of the owners.
  • With this focus comes the understanding that to achieve the prime directive, all organizational activities must be balanced and proportioned to the realities of the current corporate resources and marketplace opportunities.


Clients benefiting from Eclipse's specialization in turnaround services include:

  • Operating companies unable to respond to new market challenges.
  • Beleaguered management teams at wits end.
  • Owners, officers, and financial supporters needing to regain control of a deteriorating situation to protect their stakes.

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