Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement

Performance improvement starts with the premise that an organization should be:

  • Making its numbers – including financial accounting, managerial accounting, quality and other risk management indicators, and external environment benchmarks – and
  • Running its business without surprises.

However, these ideal conditions are rarely the norm even in the best run companies. So, when an organization is not making its numbers and running its business without surprises, it must improve performance.

Eclipse’s performance improvement services help clients clearly define which performance parameters it must address right now, and which ones should be deferred until later. Then, root causes are identified and specific, step-wise remediation projects are designed. Once performance improvement projects are kicked-off, Eclipse’s professionals coach the organization’s managers and staff to successfully complete each task on time and within budget.

The critical phase in performance improvement is change management. Eclipse change initiatives succeed because the needed structures and disciplines are provided to:

  • Design and deliver competency-based management and staff instruction,
  • Complete physical, administrative, supply chain, information technology and work process changes while avoiding or mitigating obstructionist behaviors, and
  • Management is well prepared to monitor performance against the existing and new standards, detect programmatic and in-the-moment variances and non-conformances to those standards, and take immediate and effective corrective actions.


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