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ADAC Laboratories

Medical_Device03ADAC Laboratories, a medical imaging company in Silicon Valley, was 8 hours from bankruptcy when its investment-banking house stepped in to protect its equity position. The ensuing turnaround introduced a performance-focused management system, which not only returned the company to profitability in less than six months, but also fundamentally changed its corporate culture. An Eclipse principal successfully lead elements of the turnaround in the marketing and operations divisions.

Fundamental changes at ADAC Laboratories included:

          • Market niche dominance of imaging technologies on a global scale,
            • Operations process reengineering that resulted in 150% throughput increases and 15% decreases in product unit costs, and
              • Leadership in the development and implementation of its continuous improvement management system, which produced industry-leading financial results, made it an attractive take-over target for Phillips Medical Systems.

        Using a refined version of the turnaround management system, ADAC Laboratories won the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 1996.




         New Medical Technology Company

        Medical_Device03ECD produced organizational design and pro forma financial elements of a start-up business plan for a new medical technology company. The company's breakthrough clinical information system will enable critical care facilities to significantly reduce fatal hospital-acquired complications. This successful business plan enabled the firm to advance in a Midwest state's highly competitive seed-capital program.  


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