Corporate Development

Corporate Development for Rapidly Growing Organizations

Rapidly growing companies are often preoccupied with daily operations. As a result, they are either unaware or they miss opportunities to restructure their organizations and management systems. Further, they are typically too preoccupied to enhance their key players’ skill sets, thereby handicapping them in the management of a more complex, developing organization.
Eclipse works with clients to:

  • Define their current phase of development,
  • Examine growth rates and foreseeable market forces to define their implications for performance quality, and
  • Design organizational development initiatives that resolve current operating issues while preparing the company for its next level of performance.

These services are particularly useful to post-startup promote-from-within, family-owned, and technology-based companies that need formal management systems and strong business disciplines. These are needed to control the rate and quality of sustainable growth for the benefit of customers and equity holders. These companies have a far greater need for formal management systems because their leaders are often superb entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, technologists, and operations managers who often lack well-developed business skill sets.


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