Case Histories

The following case histories describe a sampling of the engagements successfully completed by Eclipse principals and consultants.

Health Care

A proven continuous improvement management system model was implemented at northern Nevada’s largest and most financially successful healthcare provider. The results of this four-year effort are reflected in a:

•15-fold increase in annual profits,

•Recognition by Verispan as a Top 100 Healthcare Network 3 years in a row, and

•27-percent increase in ... (more)

Medical Devices and Information Systems

ADAC Laboratories, a medical imaging company in Silicon Valley, was 8 hours from bankruptcy when its investment-banking house stepped in to protect its equity position.  The ensuing turnaround introduced a performance-focused management system, which not only returned the company to profitability in less than six months, but also fundamentally ...(more)


An Eclipse consultant designed and introduced a no-nonsense continuous improvement management system for Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, which was under severe congressional pressure and federal and state regulatory mandates to remedy existing environmental problems and to avoid future ones. The bases’ problems included impending criminal prosecution of the chief executive officer, a three-star general. One year after implementation of the system, Camp Pendleton received agency commendations for significant improvements in its regulatory compliance efforts from the very same agencies that ... (more)


An Eclipse principal designed, introduced, and managed the performance improvement plan for the University’s computer laboratory, in addition to the Strategic Plan for the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Nevada Reno.  These plans included elements for turning around several departments’ financial operations, combining operations, implementing 360-degree feedback, and sales of computer-related products.  Efficiencies achieved by implementation of these plans include ...(more)

Small Businesses

One of Eclipse’s principals lowered the product defect rate to less than 1% for the private label lines, doubled sales 8 out of the last 9 years, and ...(more)

Medical Supply company was consulted for a successful operations closure ...(more)

Environmental Sustainability

In 2010 an ECD senior consultant advised a transnational engineering firm ranked in Engineering News Record's Top 20 on the design, start-up and management of a green management program for the development of a 2,500-acre aerospace industrial park at an international airport in ...(more)



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